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    High Power 1
    Hi-Power 4*100W Was Tested For Water Resistance. Under The Ambient Conditions Of Temperature: 25 ℃, Humidity: 66 %RH, And Normal Atmospheric Pressure. The Sample Under Test Was Fully Immersed In Water As Specified. The Duration Of The Test Was 30 Minutes. Test Results For A Small Amount Of Water Into The Phenomenon; Its Voltage Test, No Flying Arc Or Breakdown Phenomenon. The Waterproof Effect Far Exceeds The Same Type Of Products.
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    Solar Energy GX SERIES 4
    Product Description
    The GX-4 Seres sunpower solar Panels Are Best suited For Residential,Commercial Use,And Large Of-Grid systems. tls The Best solution For Large Grid-Tied AndOff-Grid Projects.
    DESHENG Solar Panels Are Designed Diferently, And it Has Ben Proven That Traditional olar Panels Can Lose some Of Their Power Over Time Due To Corosion And Damage,Evenin The Harshest Conditions,The Unigue Design Of DESHENG solar Panels Eliminates Many OfThe Causes Of Traditional Panel Falures.For instance, Delamination,And Defective Backsheets. However, The Gx-4 Series Can Efectively Avoid such ssues.Therefore, Your Panels And The Cost savings ThewProvide Will Continue To Perform Effectively
    DESHENG Solar Panels Can Generate More Energy From The Avalable RoofSpace Compared To Traditional solar Panels.Over Time, Higher Effciency Panels Translate To More Enersy Production And Greater Savings. Higher Effciency= More Enersy. Within 25 Years, Enersy Production in The same space Can increase By UpTo 30%.
    High Conversion Effciency
    Easy To Install
    Strong Resistance To lmpact
    Sunpower Solar Cell
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    Solar Energy GX SERIES 2
    Products Description
    GX2 Series shingled solar PanelFeatures A sturdy Aluminum rame And Sleek Black Cells,The Panels stand Out in The Market With Their Uniaue cel Design And
    Durable Construction.
    GX2 series solar Panel Adopts shingled Technology. And The Product Conversion Eficiencyis UpTo22%, t is suitable For various Grid-Conected And Of-Grid sola
    Shingled Cell Technology
    Conversion Efhciency Up To 22%
    High Light Transmittance
    IP67 Waterproof Grade
    Durable And Long
    1.Higher Power Per square Meter- shingled solar Panels Do Not Require A Bus Bar Across The Top Of The Cel. so More Of The solar Cells Exposed To The sun. And Therefore The Solar Panel Area Can Produce More Energy 2.ncreased shade Resistance - Conventional solar Panels Have lndividual Cels Connected in series, so When A Portion Of The solar Panells shaded.This Can Have ASignifcant lmpact On The Power Output Level. Shingled Solar Panels signifcantly Reduce The Losses Caused By Shading.3.Better Mechanical Properties - tatic And Dynamic Load Tests Have Shown That shingled Solar Panels Are More Resistant To falures Due To ExteralForces AppliedTo The solar Panel Than Conventional solar Panels, in Addition,The Conductive Adhesive Used On shingled Cells Helps To Minimize lntemal streses Due To ThermalExpansion.
    4.Unioue Visual Appearance - shingled solar Panels Have No Visible Circuitry,Which Gives Them A Clean And simple Appearance That Provides superior Curb Appeal
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    Solar Energy GX SERIES 3
    Products Description
    GX 3 Series Rigid Solar Panels ls Cost-Effective. lt Has A Favorable Price And Long Service Life.GX 3 series Rigid solar Panels Are Waterprof And Have stable Output. You Can Leave The Produc Outdoors For A Long Time Without Worying About Any QualityIssues.
    GX 3 Series Rigid solar Panels Can Be Used In A Variety Of Off-Grid Scenarios, lncluding Rooftops, And Are Durable And Cost-Effective.
    Stable Output
    High Efhciency
    Long Service Life
    Stronglmpact Resistance
    IP67 Waterproof Grade
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    Fluidizer Kit
    Durable, Robust design does not have snap retention legs that canbreak off or flimsy disks that crack and wear prematurely
    Seals completely to hopper or wear plate to stop the backflow of product into the aeration lines, even when floodloading.>If used to haul abrasive products like sand or cement usehopper savers to protect from wear on the aluminumhopper.
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    Aluminum Pneumatic Vapor Valve Flanged
    The aluminum 3.5” (89mm) pneumatically actuated interlock vapor valve is designed as a positive vapor recovery valve for use on DOT cargo tanks with markings per US DOT 49CFR§178.345-5(f). The sequential interlock design allows vapor valve to be plumbed in series with loading or unloading valve. Air supply to “IN” port of vapor valve will only exit to “OUT” port after vapor valve has positively opened. If an interlock feature is not required, outlet port can be plugged and valve will function as a basic non-interlock vapor valve.

    The vapor valve features exceptional flow with an inward opening disk and a tapered seat to ensure a tight seal and prevent loss of lading due to surge or roll-over accident. An aluminum body with FEP Teflon® main seal, fluorosilicone air cylinder seals, and stainless trim offers compatibility with a wide variety of products.**

    A flanged mounting configuration is provided for mounting to a standard 20” offset manhole cover. The eight 3/8-16 bolts install from inside the tank for added security. Air connections are 1/8” NPT.

    The vapor valve meets shell strength test of 73 psig (5.0 bar). Maximum operating pressure is defined as maximum tank pressure that valve can open against with given air-line pressure.

    The maximum operating pressure of vapor valve is:
    15 psi (1.0 bar) with 90 psi (6.2 bar) line pressure supplied. *
    20 psi (1.4 bar) with 120 psi (8.3 bar) line pressure supplied.*
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