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UPP-102 90° Elbow Electrofusion HDPE Pipe Fitting for Gas Station

  • UPP-102

Gas station underground related fuel transfer pipes:

Xuzhou Desheng Petrol Machine Co.,Ltd. is located in Xuzhou city,Jiangsu province.

We are a quite strength producers of underground pipeline products in China.Our company specialize in producing underground hdpe polyethylene filling station piping,PVC steel wire hose,PVC hose with steel wire mesh,conducting electrostatic drag strip and so on.
Our pipes can reach EN14125 standard,not only this,but we also developed full installation parts for our pipes,such as T joint,straight joint,terminal welding,bending pipe and so on,
Our company is constantly improving producing technology and construction ability,Strive for excellence,pioneer and invent,with the spirits of "customers first,quality first,honest and trustworthy",We will offer quality products and best service for customers from all over the world.

HDPE pipe comparing with iron pipe has many advantages:

1. Long use life:30 years of quality gurantee.
2. Easy transportation: Light weight,rolled,convenient to move.
3. Quick installation:Pipes can be bent,all connectors can be welded by electro fusion welder directly.It only needs around 2 days to finish one station.
4. Corrosion Resistant:Resistant to diesel, gasoline, chemical materials and so on,never rust.
5. Enviroment-friendly :buried underground,will not break down,no pollution.
6. Safety:static conductive.can avoid fire caused by static electricity.
7. Product meet the standard of EN14125

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