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T-80 Fuel Tank Gravity Unloading Flow Meter

  • T-80

The portable gravity unloading flowmeter is mainly used for the gravity flow unloading of the tanker at the gas station, and can also be used for pipelines Install measurement. It can be used to measure various oil products except water. Simply and flexiblely installation,operation, measurement.High Percision and long service life. It can be used by connecting to the outlet of the tank without the pump.


·High precision and high reliability:

·Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.1%

·Repeatability accuracy: +/- 0.02%

·Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1 ºC

·Automatic calculation of temperature compensation volume (V20)

·Automatic measurement of oil temperature

Easy to use:

·The equipment weight 6kg, easy to carry

·Quick coupling, easy to install

·Can be connected to the unloading pipeline without affecting the unloading

·No oil residue

·One flow meter can be applied to many kinds of oil products

The measurement data is safe and reliable:

·The portable flowmeter realized the whole process of oil unloading automation, eliminating human factors interference

·The measurement data can be stored and recorded, ensuring the reliability and security of the data

·Can be connected to Bluetooth, use standard explosion-proof mobile phones, and can read data normally when using

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