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LPG Dispenser 2210


LPG Dispenser is an economical solution for your station. It's painted galvanized iron cabinet gives you best price & performance while keeping long service life and appearance look. Optionally, paint of LPG Dispenser can be selectable by customers.

Main Features :

Long life and high accurate hydraulics with Italian PD Meter or Massflow meter.

Backlighted LCD displays.

Electronic and electromechanical totalizers for every dispensing nozzle.

LPG Dispensing hoses according to EN1762.

Hose hanger or hose spring holders (optionally).

Keypad for amount/volume preselection.

Any model colour - on customers request.

Possibility to install Printer, SdCard Logger or GPRS modem - on customers request.

Automatic Temperature volume correction to volume at 15°C.

Technical Specifications

Frame Options
  • Painted Galvanized Iron

  • Stainless Steel

Nozzle Options1 - 2 - 4
Simultaneous Filing1 - 2 - 4
Electronic Features
  • User friendly interface.

  • Preset filings as money or volume/mass

  • 8x6x6 Digit classic or 6x6x5 Module LCD Screen options.

  • 2x16 Dot Matrix Information Screen

  • Electromechanical and Electronic Counters

  • Automatic temperature compensation based on ASTM Tables

  • Alphanumeric Keyboard

Communication ProtocolCompatible with common protocols
Optional Electronic Peripherals
  • Printer

  • SDCard Logger

  • GPRS Modem

Flow Meter Options
  • Four Piston, Positive Displacement Meter

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Flow Rate5- 50 Liter/min.
Accuracy± %0.2 ~ %0.5
Measurement Unit OptionsLiter or Gallon for Volume
Kilogram or Pound for Mass
Temperature Range-40 ºC /+55 ºC
Calibration OptionsElectronic or Mechanic Calibration Options
Design NormsATEX, OIML and MID

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