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GY682 Fixed Type Gas Detection Alarm

  • GY682


The gas leakage detection alarm consists of alarm controller + gas detector sensor head.

The multi-point monitoring combustible gas detection alarm controller, used to detect flammable gas in the air or liquid vapor explosion within the lower limit of content, can take a number of detection probe, while multi-point centralized control. The system adopted microprocessor as control unit, high performance catalytic gas sensor as detection sensor, high sensitivity, fast response. When the combustible gas concentration in the environment reaches or exceeds the preset alarm value, the controller will alarm immediately , and driving the exhaust or other peripheral action, to prevent fire accidents and explosion,so that  protect life, this system widely used in factories, oil depots, liquefied gas station, gas station, petrol station, spraying room etc. And other need fire and explosion place safety alarm.

The bellow gases are available:



The fixed Gas Detector is a multifunctional intelligent gas detection instrument(Different gases can be combined four in one or five in one.)the instrument adopts high performance detection devices and micro computer control technology, and combined with automatic mount of advanced manufacturing technology, the products of both the scene buzzing indicating sound field flashing lights and other functions, and the real-time display of monitoring gas concentration field.

It can be in the air gas concentration signal into the electrical signal display and remote transmission, using three wire 4 to 20mA or four RS485 bus output, with long transmission distance and anti-jamming etc..

It fixed Gas Detector can be used in chemical plant, smelting papermaking, gas refrigeration fire,  wastewater treatment, gas ,food, rubber, pharmaceutical scasting , petroleum refining,  mining, municipal fire,communications and other anti explosion, anti poisoning , anti suffocation in the industrial environment.

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