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GY475 Fuel Tanker Leakage Detector

  • DS-B01

Double wall Tank Leak detector consist of Controller and Sensor. It can make a distinction between water and oil, enjoys real - time monitoring function.
Range of application
leak detection sensor is applicable to leakage test of oil and water of interlayer chamber of double-compartment (wall) oil tank and surface borehole, and can also be used as high liquid level alarm of gas station and oil depot.

1. This sensor is equipped with fault self-checking function, free from artificial fault test;

2. This sensor is equipped with oil-water differentiation function, which can provide basis for judging leakage of inner tank or leakage of outer tank;

3. This sensor is equipped with flange, placed firmly and installed easily;

4. This sensor adopts RS485 communication and reduces wiring cost;

5. This sensor adopts oil resistant and corrosion resistant cable, which is durable in use.

Technical parameters
1. Response time<1S

2. Working voltage: +5~12VDC

3. Working current: <10mA

4. Working temperature: -40℃~+60℃

5. Precision of leakage liquid level detection: <3mm

6. Explosion-proof sign: ExiaIIBT4Ga

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