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DS-A08 Anti-explosion Insulation Box for petroluem

  • DS-A08

The anti-explosion insulation box is used for temperature measurement of petroleum and liquid petroleum products.

Scope of application of temperature measuring box: vertical oil tank, spherical tank (steam space variable tank, pressure tank with pressure lock), non pressure horizontal cylindrical tank, non pressure oil tanker and oil barge, non pressure railway tank car and automobile tank car, etc.

Usage method:

The thermometer is used together with the insulation box. Put the extracted oil into the insulation box for thermometer measurement immediately.

The temperature test can detect the temperature of the current oil.

Temperature measurement reading requirements:

① Lift the cup box thermometer quickly. Generally, the period from the time when the cup box thermometer leaves the temperature measuring point to the reading shall not exceed 10s; ② When reading, make the cup box thermometer vertical to prevent the liquid oil in the insulation box from spilling. The line of sight should be perpendicular to the glass rod of the thermometer and tangent to the top of the mercury column. Read decimals first, then large numbers. The reading shall be accurate to 0.1 ℃.

Remark:this product isn't include the thermometer.It needs work together with thermometer and  sampling rope.

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