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GY801B1 Internal Vent Valve for Manhole

Technical Specification1. Material: Aluminum alloy

2. Outlet opening pressure: +6~8KPa
3. Inlet opening pressure: -2~-3KPa
4. Flow rate: 600L/Min

Liquid Tanker Accessories, Manhole Covers

P/V vent valve is stalled on the top of the Tanker to ensure the safety when transportation. The design is according to the GB/T18564.1-2006. High sensitivity, when there is pressure differences inside and outside the tanker, it will automatically inlet or exhaust air to adjust the pressure. It is suitable for diesel, gasoline and kerosene and other light fuel. To the different installment mode, there are internal P/V vent and external one.


 GY801B1 Internal Vent Valve for Manhole

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